10 Must-Visit Places in Sofia

When people think about the capital of a country, then the first thing which comes to mind is a bustling metropolis with concrete buildings, and traffic jams all around. However, there are some capital cities which have got a lot to offer to an enthusiastic tourist. Despite being the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia has managed to retain its rich culture and preserve its natural and historical heritage. Considered as one of the oldest cities in Europe, this place can take you back in time and help you to discover things, which you might have imagined only in your dreams.

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Apart from being a tourist-magnet, Sofia is also the economic and political powerhouse of Bulgaria. Even if you visit Sofia for a business trip, it is highly recommended to devote some amount of time and visit few of its major attractions. Opting for a car hire from Sofia airport is by far the most suitable and convenient option for you to explore the enticing characteristics of this city.

Sofia is a travelers’ paradise. Here, you can get an opportunity to explore the fast-paced lifestyle of a vibrant metropolis and also find solace amidst various natural attractions. Sofia tells you a colorful story of fortitude, political conflicts and its perseverance, to emerge as one of the dynamic and culturally resplendent cities. From galleries, to parks, to mountains, to restaurants, Sofia will give you infinite reasons to come and spend some quality-time with your loved ones. Although there are a plethora of tourist attraction situated in Sofia, but here you will learn about the top 10 attractions, which you should include in your itinerary.

1) The National History Museum:

National History Museum

This is one place where you can spend hours learning about the diverse stories of Bulgarian people. This museum is divided into five individual halls. Each of these halls represents a different period in history. You will be literally overwhelmed by the diversified information, which you can discover in this museum. Here you can find potteries which dates back to the middle ages, along with multitudinous burial gifts.

2) Swingin’ Hall:

Swingin_ HallIf you love a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, filled with music and drinks, then this is the perfect place for you. Here, you can get an opportunity to listen to the musical performances of popular local artists. If you are fond of dancing and would like to experiment with your moves, then you can enjoy yourself at this place and also make some new friends.

3) Kambanite Park:

Kambanite Park

If you are looking for a peaceful and tranquil place around Sofia, then you should visit Kambanite Park. This place has got some amazing architecture and landscape. Do not forget to include this beautiful park in your travel plan. This park has received the “Banner of Peace” title for uniting children from all parts of the world.

4) The Museum Of Socialist Art:

The Museum Of Socialist ArtThis museum will take you back in time, where you will discover artwork created by renowned sculptors and painters of ancient times. The sculpture works depict famous leaders like Joseph Stalin, the figures of people who were once found on the streets of the city. This museum throws light on the various achievements in art, during the phase of socialist struggle.

5) Raketa Rakia Bar:

Raketa Rakia BarRakia is considered as the national beverage of Bulgaria. It is no doubt a national treasure of Bulgaria and is a must-try drink while you visit Bulgaria. Raketa Rakia Bar is distinguished restaurant, which not only serves local and international cuisines but is equally popular for having the top collection of Rakias in Sofia. Simply choose a trusted car rental in Sofia and visit this incredible place.

6) Bikata Flea Market:

Bikata Flea MarketYour visit to Sofia will remain incomplete without buying some souvenirs. The largest market in the region is Bikata Flea Market, where you will find everything ranging from toys, merchandises, cameras, jewelry, cloths and a lot more. Located at the center of the town, it is a place where you will find a variety of sellers dealing with cutlery, kitchenware, bed-sheets and more. This market is open on every weekend. Come here and witness the astounding culture of Sofia and meet the locals.

7) Alexander Nevsky Cathedral:

Alexander Nevsky CathedralThis is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox Churches in the world. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the famous landmarks in Sofia, which you should definitely visit. Apart from being a significant tourist destination, this church is also considered as one of the integral symbols of Bulgaria’s past. Here, you will be amazed by the serene and tranquil ambience, where you can spend hours exploring the spacious, and heavily ornamented interiors.

8) Pod Lipite Tavern:

Pod Lipite TavernIf you are a die-hard foodie, then this place should be included in your travel plans. Regarded as one of the oldest and reputed restaurants and bars in Sofia, you can enjoy authentic Bulgarian cuisines made from high-quality ingredients. This stand-out restaurant has got its own meat and dairy farm. Once you enter the restaurant, you can feel the vibe which automatically transports you to the past. With wooden beams, stone walls and brick fireplaces, you can visit a completely new world amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Don’t forget to try the special items from their menu. You will definitely remember the experience throughout your life.

9) Borislova Gradina Park:

Borislova Gradina ParkLocated near the city center, this beautiful park is the perfect destination to get some fresh air and revitalize your body and mind. This park consists of three parts and each one of these has its own distinct specialty. Apart from wide open green spaces, you can also find a beautiful water lily lake. If you are fond of architecture, then don’t forget to visit the spectacular 14 storey Borisova Gradina TV Tower.

10) The National Palace Of Culture:

The National Palace Of CultureThis building is located at the heart of the city center and is a prominent sight of Sofia. This building is primarily build with glass and concrete. It is regarded as the largest conference center of Europe. This palace regularly hosts events, musical concerts and exhibitions.

Exploring the various parts of Sofia and its surroundings can be a time-consuming and hectic process. However, with the assistance of several highly reliable car rental agencies, you can cover most of these places swiftly and comfortably. VAL & KAR Rent A Car Bulgaria is one of the agencies which has constantly received rave reviews from their clients. To learn more, visit http://www.val-kar.com/en or call 070019002.

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