Make your trip memorable with car rental

Witnessing the wonders of a land with your family members at your own comfort is a great feeling. Isn’t it? Obviously, ‘it is’. And for this, travelers generally, prefer to rent a car while they visit a new country. It reduces the anxiety of waiting for public transport for a longer duration or sharing the cab with another one.

car rental Sofia airport

Moreover, with car rental, you can visit all the places that you love to explore and experience and eliminate the names of the ones that you think may not offer the ‘WOW’ feeling. While the driver of the car will be busy in reaching you in the destination, you can spend some quality time with your family member. For this, travelers rent a car from Sofia airport when they want to visit the great places of the land.

The types of cars that you can rent include:

  • SUV
  • Mini
  • Standart
  • Station Wagon
  • Economy
  • Compact
  • Van
  • Budget
  • Executive

Based on your needs and budget, choose the one that will be suitable for you for car rental Sofia airport. Along with the car, they offer road assistance for Bulgaria. You will get a convenient way to select a rental car. You don’t need to pay extra when you pay by credit or debit card. Moreover, all the major insurances will be included in the prices.

Val & Kar Rent A Car Bulgaria is successfully operating in the Bulgarian market for over 20 years. They offer special discounts and additional preferences to their regular customers. Whether you want to come to this land for a business trip or for something else, choose them. They will offer quality services to you. To get their services, contact them at 070019002 or visit at

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