Things to Remember When Renting a Car

Where to go to hire a car? How to hire a car? What are the procedures that you need to follow for this? These are the basic questions that come to your mind when you think of renting a car before you pack your bag and start your journey.

You will come to learn about several agencies that offer car hire. However, you shop for an agency, clear your doubts that are related to car rental.

The agency that offers car hire in Sofia airport must be reputable enough in this field as well as certified too. Don’t ever choose an agency that is not certified.

car hire Sofia airport

Ask the representative of the agency what kinds of car they offer to the travelers and on what basis, they decide the rent of the car.

Is there any hidden charge? And when you need to pay some extra?

Will they provide road assistance for Bulgaria or not?

What is the process of renting a car?

If you are happy with all the above-mentioned things, you can choose the agency.

Val & Kar Rent A Car Sofia is a reputable car rental agency that is successfully serving in the Bulgarian market for years. They are familiar even to satisfy the most demanding client. To get their service or to resolve any of your queries, call them at 070019002 or visit

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