Visit a Land of Wonder with a Rented Car

The capital as well as the largest city of the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia lies at the feet of the popular ski mountain, Vitosha. With a history of more than seven millennia, it is one of the oldest cities of Europe. The churches and mountains reflect more than 2,000 years of history of Greek, Roma, Ottoman and Soviet occupation.

rent a car Sofia airport

 Places to visit

If you try to prepare a list, you will get endless names to enter. However, if your priority is only the historical sites, choose the churches and monastery. Though there are several ones to choose from, the most famous ones are Boyana church, the Russian church, the Church of St George, Rila Monastery and many more.

How to visit?

rent a car Sofia airport

Visiting all these beautiful places and that too within the short time of your vacation can be a little daunting for you. The ideal thing that you can do is to rent a car Sofia airport. From Mini to Station Wagon to Standart- there are limitless options to choose from. And there are several rental agencies too. Based on your needs and preferences, choose the right one for you.

Val & Kar Rent A Car Bulgaria is a popular car rental agency that offers different kinds of cars to the travelers. Moreover, they offer road assistance for Bulgaria and other countries. If you want to rent a car from them or have any queries that you want to resolve, call the professionals at 070019002 or visit their website

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